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Bienvenue Dans L' arc d'Indra 



Vakratunda Mahakaya, Surya Koti Samaprab

Sri Achyutānanda Parampara

Vedic Astrology readings in French & English
Email: to book an initial consultation. 


Om Gurave namaḥ

Encens Agarbatti

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My readings are guidance focused, my purpose is to bring greater clarity to my clients and guide them through changes and obstacles. In general we would meet for an initial reading and a follow up or two. 

I integrate the tradition of Vedic Remedies, and adapt them to your specific background. With the intention to empower you to invite Grace and clarity into your life. 

Please note these readings should not and do not replace professional mental health, health and legal services. A m0re general disclaimer is shared on the about page. 


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