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Sustainable way to soft skin, the two products I use daily that are edible and chemical free

I am calling this writing Vedic lifestyle adjacent. As a student of the Vedas and trained Jyotishi, I am very mindful of the impact I have on this world and what adjustments are possible to safe keep the earth. One of the things I really have grown to be mindful off are body and beauty products.

Here are my two go too s that I use to replace body cream, hair oil, hair conditioner. face cream (though once in a while I splurge on an organic creation like this month trying the Edinburgh Company)

1)Un refined from sustainable source Shea Butter I buy mine at Akamuti via a reseller in Switzerland. I buy the 500mg pack and it lasts me two years. I love that it supports a Women led COOP and most importantly its VIRGIN UNREFINED.

That s one of the things you have to be careful off as many shea butters out there are refined, shea butter should be cream in color if it is bright white it's refined FYI.

Shea Butter melts with warmth and is incredibly safe and natural. I use it on my lips knowing I am not taking in any chemicals if I have tea afterwards, as well as on my hair and skin. It is definitely quite thick. On the skin I apply it before or while in a warm bath.


"* Please note that virgin shea butter may vary slightly in colour and texture from batch to batch.

An incredible skin food, shea butter is rich & creamy, packed with vitamins A, E & F & pure tree goodness! A natural skin food, shea butter is richly moisturising to dry skin, problem skin and skin exposed to the sun and wind. Nutrient rich, it is easily applied & sooooo softening! Ideal for parched, hungry or very dry skin it is also great for rubbing into babies bottoms!

Unrefined, unbleached & totally unadulterated, this wildcrafted, organic & fairly traded shea butter is produced by womens co-operatives from Ghana, West Africa using harvesting & crafting techniques that have been used for thousands of years. Free from any chemical processing, this shea butter retains all its natural goodness, creamy colouring & natural nutty aroma. It is a far cry from refined hard, white shea butter which is literally processed to death!

Supplied in chunks and pieces in biodegradable packaging."

2) Plain old OLIVE OIL!! The least smelly kind you can find, it will work magic on your skin and hair. You can add a touch of essential oil like lavender. And apply it before taking a shower, and on your hair. Applying oil before a shower is wisdom from the ancient science of Ayurveda. Try it, it actually helps the oils sink into the skin.

This is the brand I use, mostly because my neighborhood store has it and its great quality:

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